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What to Do If You Are Arrested

Last updated 6 years ago

We all get into difficult situations at some point in our lives—some of which even result in arrest. Though you may be furious at the police or yourself during an arrest, it’s essential to remain calm. Here’s a brief guide on what to do when arrested:

Cooperate with Police
If the police have already decided to arrest you, then nothing you do or say will change their minds or help your case. Instead of fighting your arresting officer, stay calm and try to act polite. Your good behavior upon arrest will reflect favorably on you in a court of law, whereas resisting arrest will only complicate matters. Don’t fight the police during the arrest—save your energy for the courtroom.   

Don’t Speak
The moment you are arrested, the arresting officer will read you the Miranda warning, which includes the phrase “you have the right to remain silent.” While staying silent hardly seems like a right that one would want to exercise, it’s actually designed to protect you from incriminating yourself. The arresting officer will likely try to get you to admit guilt, but instead of falling into the trap, you should exercise your right to remain silent and not utter a single word.  

Call a Lawyer
As soon as you are allowed, you should call an experienced lawyer for expert help and advice. A good lawyer can make sure that your rights aren’t being violated while you’re in detention, and will speak to the police for you. When the time comes for your plea bargain or trial, your lawyer will then fight for a reduced sentence or acquittal.

Legally speaking, getting arrested is a delicate process. For more on how to behave during an arrest, call Blumberg & Associates at (602) 277-6180. Getting arrested is not the same as being found guilty—once you hire our criminal defense team, we’ll fight to reduce your sentence or completely clear you of any unjust charges.     



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