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Tips for Protecting Your Rights if Stopped for a Suspected DUI

Last updated 6 years ago

Getting pulled over, for any reason, can be a terrifying ordeal. Unfortunately, a combination of ignorance and anxiety can make even the most innocent of drivers say or do things that make them easy targets for abuse.

To avoid having your rights violated during a suspected DUI stop, adhere to the following tips—not only will they keep you from provoking unwarranted consequences, but will also help you pursue legal action should you encounter an officer who blatantly flouts the law.

  • Remain Silent When Possible— All individuals suspected of a crime have the right to remain silent. Beyond providing your name, license details, and insurance carrier, you should not answer any questions that might compromise any future defense. If the officer insists that you answer the questions asked, invoke your Miranda rights.
  • Do Not Argue or Become Belligerent—Do your best to remain calm and level-headed throughout your DUI stop. Do not respond in kind to aggressive behavior, and make it clear that any physical, verbal, or psychological abuse imposed upon you is undeserved and unreciprocated.
  • If Advantageous, Ask That the Stop Be Recorded—If you know that you have been unjustly pulled over and that the police officer in question will not find any evidence indicating that you are guilty of a DUI, ask that the stop be recorded by the police officer’s camera equipment. Doing so will indicate your confidence in your own innocence and will prevent the police officer from engaging in any activities that he would not want accessible by your defense team later on.
  • Ask for a Lawyer—If you are detained or arrested, or if you feel your rights have been violated in any way, it is critical that you immediately and repeatedly ask for an attorney. Then make a mental record of events as they unfold, and provide a detailed account of the DUI stop and all applicable evidence for your lawyer to use in your defense.

 For more tips on how to handle a DUI stop, call Blumberg & Associates at (602) 277-6180 today. When your future is on the line, you need an Arizona DUI / DWI law firm where skill and experience are more than just a slogan.



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