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    To Learn More About Divorce And Domestic Violence, Visit These Informative Legal Resources

    Last updated 5 years ago

    With the right legal representation, you can pursue the justice you deserve. If you enjoyed our recent look at family law, look through these links to learn more:

    The Phoenix-based team at Blumberg & Associates has been helping Arizona residents for over two decades. If you need counsel for a legal issue stemming from marriage, divorce, or domestic violence situation, we can help. Call our office at (602) 277-6180 for a free case evaluation today.

    Common Examples of Domestic Violence

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Partner abuse can take many forms. If a loved one is physically, emotionally, or financially dominating and controlling your life without your consent, you may be in an abusive relationship. If you are the victim or accused partner in a relationship, seek legal counsel to make sure that your rights are protected. Here are some common examples of domestic violence:

    Physical Abuse

    This type of violence often results in bruises, cuts, scrapes, and welts. Even if it does not leave marks, physical abuse occurs when one partner wields control over the other through hitting, slapping, or other physically painful acts. If you have been modifying your behavior around your partner in order to avoid physical pain or repercussions, you may be a victim of physical abuse.

    Emotional Abuse

    Not all abuse involves physical pain. Abusive partners can use other means of coercion to belittle their significant others and gain an upper hand. Emotional abuse is defined as the use of words, actions, or inactions meant to control or hurt the other partner. This type of exertion of power typically aims to ridicule, intimidate, or coerce the victim into obeying the abuser. It can be difficult to notice emotional abuse because it leaves no outward marks.

    Financial Abuse

    In situations with unbalanced power dynamics, one partner may have control over the other’s finances. In these circumstances, financial abuse may occur. This mistreatment involves the use and misuse of financial resources by the partner who wields the power in the relationship. Stay-at-home moms or others who are not the primary breadwinners are at particular risk for this type of abuse.

    If you have been a victim of domestic violence in Arizona, you can seek legal recourse against your partner. Phoenix-area residents in need of legal advice should contact the office of Blumberg & Associates by calling (602) 277-6180. Our skilled staff can help protect your rights, end your marriage, and allow you to begin the healing process.

    A Look at Restraining Orders vs. Protective Orders

    Last updated 5 years ago

    In order to keep yourself or your loved ones safe, you may want to obtain either a restraining or a protective order against someone. This video discusses the differences between these two legal courses of action.

    A protective order generally lasts for two years, and specifically delineates what the other party can and cannot do with respect to your place of residence and work. Meanwhile, a restraining order is a mutual agreement between both parties that they should stay away from one another. A protective order is both stronger and more specific. Click play to learn more.

    If you need help with family law issues in the Phoenix area, contact the legal team at Blumberg & Associates. Our attorneys can provide representation during divorces, separations, annulments, and protective order filings. If you are an Arizona resident thinking about seeking legal advice, call our Phoenix office at (602) 277-6180 for a free consultation.

    Divorce vs. Legal Separation vs. Annulment

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Marriages are often fraught with difficulties. If you and your partner are contemplating separating, you have two options: divorce or legal separation. Alternatively, if your marriage is not valid under state law, you may also seek an annulment. All options require counsel with a local family law attorney. Here are the differences between a divorce, separation, and annulment.


    The formal termination or dissolution of a marriage is known as a divorce. This process ends your legal relationship with your spouse and allows both parties to start over. In Arizona, you may file for divorce if you and your spouse have lived in the state for at least 60 days and do not have a covenant marriage. After the divorce proceeding, you will leave with a legally binding judicial order for child custody, alimony, and property division.

    Legal Separation

    Unlike a divorce, a legal separation does not formally terminate your marriage. A legal separation allows you to live apart from your spouse and decide if reconciliation or divorce is right for your situation. Similar to a formal divorce proceeding, a family law judge can help you divide all of your property and create a legally binding child custody agreement between you and your spouse.


    In Arizona, annulments are only granted for a handful of reasons or impediments. The main grounds are instances when one party is underage or when there is evidence of incest, intoxication, duress, or fraud. If you have been coerced into your union under unfair or illegal circumstances, you may be able to file for a formal annulment.

    Ending a marriage can be an emotional time, which is why hiring a family law attorney is essential to making the legal process pain-free. Arizona residents looking for family law advice should contact the Phoenix office of Blumberg & Associates. We can help you decide if a divorce, separation, or annulment is right for you. Call (602) 277-6180 to schedule a free case evaluation today.

    Learn More About Child Custody And Your Parental Rights

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Child custody and child support are some of the most complicated aspects involved in a divorce. Check out these links from around the web for more information on factors taken into consideration when determining child custody and common reasons for termination of parental rights. Give Blumberg & Associates a call at (602) 277-6180 for more information on our family law and criminal defense law firm.

    • Explore this article from the Arizona State Legislature for more information on the factors taken into consideration when determining child custody arrangements.
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    • Learn more about different types of child custody agreements with this link from
    • This page from provides information on the grounds for terminating parental rights in Arizona.

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