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"When you do seek out help, I cannot suggest with any higher confidence Mr. Blumberg and his firm." | 5 Star Review | (602) 277-6180

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Writing a review for a lawyer you have used seems like a pretty simple thing to do, right? Well that is what I thought too, until I actually set down to do it. You can explain how an attorney handles cases for you, and in Mr. Blumberg's care I have always felt like I was in expert hands. I guess that would go along with why he is constantly rated as one of the top attorneys in the state year after year. You can tell about how you feel like you have a chance against a huge force out against you, and trust me when you go up against the criminal legal system you will never feel so powerless, at least until you have a powerful, trained, experienced attorney fighting on your side (and trust me, not all attorneys will fit the bill for this but Mr. Blumberg does). You can easily tell about how your case ended up, and in Mr. Blumberg's care I have always walked away feeling that I was heard and someone actually cared about and fully defended what my side of the case was. When you go up against the machine called the state prosecution system it isn't about fairness. Its about this huge force out to crush you and your inability to fight back and be heard unless and until you put a competent defense lawyer by your side. Is Mr. Blumberg a competent defense lawyer to have by your side? Yes he is. Do you need my review to tell you this? No, not really as the web is full of peoples reviews of his services that would let you know this. His great reviews by colleges can be found without much effort. So my review for Mr. Blumberg seems pretty easy after all doesn't it? Well, actually no it isn't, see it involves a lot more. I first met Mr. Blumberg in the late 1980's when I found myself in need of legal services. He was just starting in Arizona at that time and he agreed to handle my case. One of the first things you come to learn about Mr. Blumberg is that he is a very confident person and his confidence impresses upon you the feeling that you will have someone in your corner who is prepared and able to fight for your defense and protect your rights. You will also come to learn that Mr. Blumberg is not just there to make you feel good and blow the proverbial smoke up your behind. He is there to give you an honest evaluation of where you stand and what is probably the best course for you to follow and how he will spend every ounce of energy that he has to fight on your behalf to follow the best course for your defense. It is now 2011 myself and my family have had occasion over the years to use Mr. Blumberg and his firm for other cases and even though his specialty is criminal defense, thankfully that is not always why we have needed his help. Last year with the help of his firm my wife completed her process of the adoption of my two oldest children a 14 year old son and a 13 year old daughter. This allowed us to complete the closure of the bonds of our family with my children from a past relationship and the newest addition of our 2 year old baby daughter. When thinking about my children, this is where my review lost its simplicity because it dawned on me how much more important the choice of a lawyer in your life actually is. See as I look back at some of the things I have faced over the years I realize that without having Mr. Blumberg in my corner fighting for what was right and giving me the fullest legal defense I had received, everything I now know as my life may not of been possible. When I look into the faces of my children, I have to say that I owe Mr. Blumberg a debt money could never repay. Without the amount of caring, his full attention to details and his expertise in the legal system I wouldn't have my children and the life I enjoy today. I didn't know what the future held for my life when I first needed Mr. Blumberg's services, but when I look back at what happened, the care I received using his services, and then look at my life now, I thank God that he was there. Finally let me finish by saying that after all the years of knowing Mr. Blumberg it would not be fare to say I am writing a review only about my attorney. It would probably not even be fare to say I am writing about a friend. I am writing about someone I have come to consider family. I cannot say that after using Mr. Blumberg (Bruce), that you will consider him family or even a friend, but I can say that you will find no lawyer who will fight for your rights as if you were a member of his own family and give you that level of care better than him. I can suggest no greater advice than if you ever find yourself in the legal system then to seek out help. Trust me you can not do yourself justice without seeking professional help. When you do seek out help, I cannot suggest with any higher confidence Mr. Blumberg and his firm.
Dennis Pittman


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